On 16-17 October 2017, the deliberative event of project ENLARGE gathered over 80 people in Milan, Italy. The aim was as simple as ambitious — discussing real-life cases of participatory governance in the sustainable energy field.

More than 31 cities, associations, and other institutions participated in the event, bringing their experience in the field. They had been selected following a call for practices launched months ago.

The discussion was intense, and organized through innovative participation methods. Participants from 10 countries in the enlarged Europe thus had the opportunity to discuss their experiences, success factors, obstacles, and lessons learnt in their local community.

Following the deliberative event, the results from the group discussion will be analyzed and used to produce the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, which will be created to support communities design the best participatory process, according to their specific features and needs.

Erica Melloni, Director of the Institutional and Administrative Policy Unit of IRS, stated: “The ENLARGE deliberative event was a great opportunity for discussing the different strategies that local governments and stakeholders can undertake to favour most effective policies through collaborative processes. All the information gathered, together with the case studies already drafted and available on the ENLARGE website, represent valuable materials to increase knowledge on collaborative public policies in general, and on sustainable energy policies in particular.

ALDA was represented by Irene Zanetti, Head of the Communications Department. “Keeping in mind that there is no right or wrong model to engage citizens in different communities is crucial” said Zanetti. “Our local communities define who we are as citizens much more than where we come from, and are the level we can really impact. Promoting citizens participation in the environmental field, which everyone cares about, will stimulate participatory citizenship at a broader level. And when citizens are involved in decision making, our experience shows decisions taken are simply better” she concluded.

ENLARGE is a 2-year project led by Istituto per la ricerca sociale (IRS) and funded by the European Union. It aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on participatory governance with focus on sustainable energy, through a process of dialogue and exchange involving policy makers, civil society actors and practitioners.

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