On May 22nd, 2018 a particularly lively dissemination event took place in Santa Venera, in Malta. The event, organized and hosted by “Kopin”, was moderated by Sofia Corsi, project development officer at ALDA.

The first part of the meeting was focused on the ENLARGE project’s description and on the presentation of the “Choose your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook.

During the second half of the event the public became protagonist of the action: participants could get a glimpse of the book and start the debate. In general, they all seemed positively impress by the project’s main output for its innovative character and by the fact that it is potentially available to anybody for free.

Moreover, the final debate has been very productive thanks to a remarkable engagement from the public. They showed interest in translating the book to different languages, and to promote its dissemination to local municipalities and organizations. The fact that the gamebook will continue to be improved for two years beyond project’s completion has been very welcome because, as a participant said, this could be “useful to stimulate users interaction and engagement in trying to implement collaborative processes, being aware to make the difference”.