After having travelled to Malta, Greece, Ireland, Estonia, France and more EU countries, the ENLARGE gamebook made its next stop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on July 10th 2018.

The Choose Your Own Adventure book was in the spotlight at the ‘Cap at 2030 Agenda’, a conference aimed at shedding light on collaborative processes and sustainability.

Marco Boaria (ALDA), Alex Duran (Som Energia) and Neus Truyol (Ajutament de Palma) were the panelists. Marco Boaria presented the innovative gamebook produced within the project ENLARGE, that is intended to be a living tool for all communities wishing to kick off collaborative processes.

Alex Duran, coordinator of Som Energia Mallorca, introduced the cooperative producing renewable energy and the mechanisms for participation it offers its members to have an active role in decision-making.

Neus Truyol, Sustainability Councillor of Palma Municipality and President of EMAYA, municipal agency managing water and waste, explained the collaborative process leading to the creation of the new waste management system in the historical centre of Palma, and highlighted the outstanding results achieved in terms of recycling.

During the event, participants discussed the gamebook and their experience in collaborative processes, voicing constructive suggestions for the book improvement. The exchange of best practices and experiences is invaluable for continuously improving the book.

This event was organized in close cooperation with Fons Mallorquí, a member of ALDA’s Governing Board. Among the participants, the Vice President of Fons Mallorquí and Vice President of Consell, the Director of Eurolocal, and a technician of PalmaActiva, the Local Development Agency of the municipality of Palma.

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