Two years of work, collaboration, exchange and a great outcome, the interactive gamebook: all this led the ENLARGE crew toward the end of the journey.

The project closure event “Join ENLARGE adventure – Creating effective collaborative processes in sustainable energy”, will take place on 26 September in Brussels, at Maison des Association Internationales, MAI (40, Rue Washington). The event is organized during the eGov Week 2018 coordinated by the European Commission.

The event will be the occasion to discuss the results of the project. ENLARGE, funded by the European research programme Horizon 2020, focused on the effectiveness, legitimacy, and institutional sustainability of collaborative processes in the field of sustainable energy. The project brought together over 70 participants from the enlarged Europe, who implemented real-life cases. We discussed their experiences, paying a particular attention to the factors that hindered or favoured their processes.

This exchange was the key to build our Choose Your Own Adventure Book, a gamebook about an hypothetical – yet realistic – scenario of a community embarking on collaborative processes. It will be the users, it will be you!, to take decisions, thus walking a path, reflecting on the consequences, and think of adaptive strategies to face challenges or unexpected events.

Are collaborative processes the way to go for policy-making in Europe?
Join the event, learn more about others’ experiences, share yours, and take home the gamebook for all communities interested in kicking-off a participatory process!

Thank you for registering online by 21 September via the online form.

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