The ENLARGE gamebook on participatory processes in the sustainable energy field is now available to everybody, and its presentations all over Europe are collecting amazing responses and suggestions for improvement.

The “Choose your collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook is the main output of the ENLARGE project, and it is intended to be a living tool for all communities wishing to boost participatory governance and to achieve better results in collaborative processes in the field of sustainable energy.

Why did ENLARGE produce a “Choose your collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” book, instead of a more traditional set of recommendations? Because we are aware that there is no a “model” of good participation. However, we can have better policy-making when successful collaborative practices are in place.

Depending on the specific context, different sequences of events and choices can favour or hinder the outcome of a participatory process.

The gamebook will bring you in the heart of a municipality wishing to implement an energy consumption reduction plan. The reader, you, will have to analyze the context, understand the points of view of all parties involved ni the process and try to take the best decision in order to succeed and lead your collaborative process  to a good end.

More generally, the book illustrates and makes clear some of the paths towards different decision-making results.

After its fine-tuning based on comments by experts and practitioners, the “Choose your collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook is now available online in 5 languages: English, Italian, French, Estonian and Romanian.

Moreover, we highly invite users to get back to us with comments and suggestions on your online collaborative experience. This because for the next two years the ENLARGE gamebook will be implemented and improved thanks to users feedbacks.

Start your adventure now (Google Chrome recommended)!

Are you interested in the project and you would like to present the Gamebook to your community?

Please contact ALDA’s Head of Communications Irene Zanetti:

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Read ENLARGE manifesto for boosting collaborative processes in sustainable energy policies and processes. It sheds light on key ingredients for boosting three main democratic objectives of collaborative processes: social legitimacy, institutional sustainability, and policy effectiveness.

Discover the 31 case studies of participatory processes in the field on sustainable energy, in-depth analysed by the consortium, which are the basis the Choose Your Own Adventure book is built upon.