On September 5th a dissemination event on the ENLARGE project took place in Sisak, to discuss upon the theme of collaborative governance in the sustainable energy field and we played the gamebook “Choose your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy”.

A delegation from ALDA, led by the communication and project manager Irene Zanetti, went to Sisak, in Croatia, where the Local Democracy Agency hosted a special dissemination event. Ms. Zanetti together with all participants started their shared journey through a collaborative process in the sustainable energy field. As the beginning of the book is well-known, being a local government attempting to formulate and implement an energy consumption reduction plan, the rest of the story is all but predictable. Since the ENLARGE gamebook puts the player in front of a choice at every chapter, duly the participants started a discussion, exploring various scenarios and explaining their views on the topic.

We have been proud to experience such an involvement from all parties, proving once again the interest of the gamebook and its utility not only for professionals planning to kick-off a collaborative process, but also for general public and students willing to embark into a new enriching experience.

Useful Resources:
“Choose your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook