The ENLARGE project will soon draw to a close, at the end of this September 2018.

Up to the present day, noumerous dissemination events took place all around Europe, where local authorities, experts, researchers and civil society representatives gathered to take part to the discussion and learn more about collaborative governance in the sustainable energy field.

During the conference held in Merida, Spain, at the end of July 2018 (read the dedicated article) we wanted to collect opinions and feedback from participants.
We interviewed, among others Maria Amengual, Insular Director for citizens’ participation and Francesca Campana, Specialist in Sensibilisation at Fons Mallorquì de Solidaritat i Cooperaciò.

“Why citizens should be more involved in collaborative processes?”, “Which are the advantages of taking part into a collaborative process?” and “Is the ENLARGE gamebook a useful tool to promote collaborative processes in sustainable energy field?” are just emaples of questions our experts tried to answer to.

Watch the videos of our interviews in the ENLARGE video gallery!