The French office of ALDA organized a dissemination event of the project ENLARGE in Strasbourg on 22 September, on the occasion of the « La rentrée des associations », a flagship event gathering over 300 associations and 20 000 visitors.

Participants were impressed by the format of the online gamebook and by all possible paths presented. More than one highlighted that in France, several cities (including Strasbourg) developed innovative and effective ways to engage citizens in decision making, through – for example – participatory budgeting, and other actions. Yet, this is not the standard, and much more needs to be done, especially in smaller communities.

One participant expressed the desire for a similar gamebook in the field of migrants management, stressing the fact that the topic of migration is often instrumentalized, and that more awareness about the opportunities and constraints of managing complex issues involved in the process.

Have you chosen your own adventure in sustainable energy? If not, play with the gamebook now!

(Bonus track: for the next two years beyond project completion, we will consider suggestions for improvement, to make the gamebook as useful as possible to all EU citizens)

See the photo gallery of the event