During its 2 years of life, the H2020-funded ENLARGE project developed and produced a series of outputs aiming at acquiring and sharing knowledge on collaborative processes in the sustainable energy field.

As a veritable journey, all started by the review of the existing scientific literature on collaborative governance and sustainable energy and the analysis of 31 real-life cases of European communities which run such collaborative processes. Following a full-immersion deliberative event held in Milan in 2017 and gathering over 70 participants from all over the enlarged Europe, the research-work culminated in the creation of a “Manifesto for boosting collaborative processes”, a sort of manual collecting all possible information on the topic, trying to provide general guidelines and detecting key factors able to assist or hinder collaborative processes.

Being aware that there is not optimal design in collaborative governance, the ENLARGE consortium decided to create a living tool to assist all interested communities willing to initiate such a journey. Hence, an interactive book has been created, the “Choose your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook, conceived as a living tool to help understanding mechanisms regulating and affecting collaborative processes in the sustainable energy field.

This gamebook could be defined as “one of a kind”, since it distinguishes itself for being imaginary and firmly based on reality at the same time. When you decide to start the journey, you, reader and player, are immediately projected into a parallel dimension, yet remarkably real-like. You will then find yourself in the guise of the Mayor and the Executive member for the environment of a medium-size municipality which is about to implement an energy-consumption reduction plan. You will then guide the whole process, making key-decisions that lead to a variety of different scenarios, always keeping in mind that every decision may reveal itself to be ambivalent and not without necessary compromises, just like in the real life.

The “Choose your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy” gamebook is the key output of the project ENLARGE, yet not its conclusion. Actually, the ENLARGE project aims to provide an ongoing platform for policy makers and stakeholders to share collaborative experiences and shortcomings. Moreover, for two years beyond project completion, the gamebook will keep being updated thanks to users’ feedback.
At the present moment, the gamebook is available online in five different languages: English. French, Italian, Estonian and Romanian.

Have you chosen your own collaborative adventure in sustainable energy? If not, play with the gamebook now!

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