Supporting partners 

Supporting Partners are stakeholders interested in participatory processes and energy policies (local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, business sector, etc.) that engage in the project and benefit of the following opportunities:
  • submit their practices on participatory processes in the co-creation and co-management of energy policies and boost their visibility (more than 30 practices have been collected already);
  • participate in the “Deliberative Event” in Milan in October 2017. The event will bring together more than 100 representatives of local and regional authorities and civil society associations;
  • develop with us a local dissemination event on participatory processes in energy policies: specific resources have been dedicated to this by the project;
  • join a wide network of local and regional authorities and civil society organisations with good practices on energy policies and benefit of the knowledge transfer;
  • test innovative tools provided by the CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) book on citizen involvement on local sustainable energy policies.

Please find below the list of the supporting partners, up to December 2016:

Albania – Association of Albanian Municipalities
– European University of Tirana
– Young Intellectuals, Hope
– Urban Research Institute
Austria – Foster Europe, Foundation for Strong European Regions
Belgium – European Projects Association
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Association of Citizens ‘Local Democracy Agency’ in Prijedor
– Agency for economic development of municipality Prijedor PREDA-PD
Bulgaria – Club Sustainable Development of Civil Society
– Regional Association of Municipalities ‘Central Stara Planina’
– Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities
Croatia – Virovitica-Podravina County
Czech Republic – Agora CE
Denmark – Veijle Kommune
Estonia – Foundation Rõuge Energy Park
Greece – Municipality of Chios
EU – Citizens for Europe
– Energy Cities
Ireland – Donegal County Council
Italy Agenda 21 Est Ticino
– Associazione NordEstSudOvest
– COPPEM (Comitato Permanente per il Partenariato Euromediterraneo delle Autorità Locali e delle Regioni)
– Metropolitan City of Milan
– Municipality of Milan
– Municipality of Ravenna
– Municipality of Santorso (Vicenza)
– La Piccionaia
– Province of Brescia
– Unione dei Comuni Montiferru SINIS
– Università Iuav (Venice)
Latvia – Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments
Macedonia – Coalition of youth organizations SEGA
Moldova – Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova
Romania – Ploiesti Municipality
Serbia – Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities
– National Association of Local Authorities of Serbia
– City of Kragujevac
Slovakia – Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia
Slovenia – Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto
– Zavod Boter (Boter Institute)
Spain – Municipality of La Palma del Condado
– Universitat Juame I
Turkey K-GEM
– Marmara Municipalities Union
– Karsiyaka Municipality
Ukraine – Strategic and Security Study Group
United Kingdom – Nature’s Rights
International organization – ORU Fogar