Deliberative event in Milan
More than 80 ENLARGE participants in action! 16-17 October 2017, Milan (Italy)

Project ENLARGE in the spotlight: goals, methodology, activities

Methodological approach of project ENLARGE

Question 1 – How could we define collaborative and inclusive governance in policy making?
Stefania Ravazzi, University of Turin (Italy)
Question 2 – How could we evaluate participatory processes?
Erica Melloni, Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale – IRS (Italy)
Question 3 –  Why participative democracy processes foster development for local communities?
Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General of the European Association for Local Democracy (France)
Question 4: What is sustainable energy?
Tiit Kallaste, PhD, Senior Expert – Stockholm Environment Institute Tallin Centre (Estonia)

Participatory practices

What makes the ENLARGE gamebook so relevant?  
MARTIN KIKAS, Energy expert – Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Estonia)
Which is main added value of the gamebook?
DRITAN GORICA, Environmental expert at Urban Research Institute (Albania)
ENLARGE project’s contribution to NordEstSudOvest Association
PIERANTONIO BELCARO, President of NordEstSudOvest Association
Improving energy efficiency in Polotsk, Belarus
Anton Radniankou, IInterackcia Foundation (Belarus)
What is panel 250?
Marek Muiste, Specialist – Panel 250 Project, Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Estonia)
Energy Development Plan for Rõuge Municipality
Viivika Nagel, Project and Information Manager, Rõuge Municipality (Estonia)

Dissemination events

Feedback on the dissemination event in SISAK (Croatia)
Martina Jambrović – Program Assistant at LDA Sisak

The gamebook: a tool for citizens, municipalities and associations
Matea Strižić – Program assistant and Volunteer coordinator at LDA Sisak

The importance of collaborative processes at local level
Barbara Marjanović – Program Assistant at LDA Sisak

Which are the advantages of taking part into a collaborative process? (Spanish)
Neus Truyol Caimari – City Council of the Municipality of Palma for ecology, agriculture and animal welfare

The importance of collaborative processes in the local administration (Spanish)
Diana Said
Maria Amengual – Insular Director for citizens’ participation

The Gamebook: a tool to promote collaborative processes in sustainable energy field (Italian)
Francesca Campana – Specialist in Sensibilisation at Fons Mallorquì de Solidaritat i Cooperaciò

Why citizens should be more involved in collaborative processes? (Spanish)
Jesus Jurado – Vice President of the council of Mallorca and councillor of citizen and presidential participation

Voices of participants of the ENLARGE project final event

“Join the Adventure!” – ENLARGE project final event – 26 September 2018 in Brussels 

Serge Novaretti for the ENLARGE project: waiting for the final event to start!
SERGE NOVARETTI, Policy and Programme Officer at European Commission – DG CONNECT

The ENLARGE project for a better and more sustainable Europe
FRÉDÉRIC BOYER, representative of Covenant of Mayors and Energy Cities

Feedback on the project and its gamebook
IOLANDA ROMANO, Public Conflicts Mediator at Avventura Urbana

The role of the gamebook for the future of collaborative processes
MANUEL NUNES, Counselor of environmental issues in Lousada Municipality

Which is the impact of the project?
RAFFAELE VENEZIANI, Mayor of Rottofreno Municipality (Italy)

Which are your impressions on the final event?
FRANCESCO MIGGIANI, Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Feedback on the project’s final event
CARLES LLORENS, Secretary General of ORU-Fogar

The utility of the  gamebook at a local and EU level
FRANCESCO PALA, Assistant to ALDA’s Secretary General