The project ENLARGE will address effective and efficient energy policy at the local level by working on three macro phases: exploration, deliberation, and production.

  1. Exploration
ENLARGE will promote a call for gathering knowledge on real cases of local sustainable energy initiatives involving citizens.
Participatory practices can refer to:

  • co-design, concerning the formulation of policies and projects (e.g. where to localize a new wind farm?)
  • co-production, concerning the implementation of policies and projects (e.g. the management of a waste saving plan)
  • co-assessment, concerning the monitoring and evaluation of initiatives (e.g. ex ante environmental assessment of a biomass-fired power plant).
  1. Deliberation
The representatives and stakeholders of 30 selected cases will be invited to participate to the deliberative event in Milan in Fall 2017.
The goal of the deliberative event is to discuss pitfalls and successes of the participatory practices as well as corrective strategies and devices (adopted or envisaged) to tackle problems and obstacles.
  1.  Production
The results of the Deliberation will serve as knowledge base to build a CYOA – Choose Your Own Adventure – book on citizen involvement in local sustainable energy policies.
Why a CYOA book?
We are aware that there is no a “model” of good participation. Nevertheless, we can have better policy decisions thanks to participation.
Depending on the context and on the circumstances, different sequences of events and choices can make participatory approaches useful or harmful. The CYOA book will illustrate some of the paths towards different decision making results.