Representatives of the 30 selected practices will reunite on 16-17 October 2017 in Milan, Italy, to exchange knowledge, experience and practices on participatory processes in the sustainable energy field. The event will be a unique exchange opportunity, since 100 representatives of local authorities, civil society organisations, business sector and experts from all across Europe will directly participate in and contribute to the activity.

The project will support the participation of 3 representatives from each of the selected practices. Delegations will be preferably composed of one member from the public administration that promoted the process, either an elected official or a civil servant, one representative of the stakeholders involved (environmental groups, firms, citizens’ committees, ordinary citizens) and one practitioner who helped design and manage the process.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and produce a shared and reasoned assessment of the participatory processes at stake, in order to identify the factors and mechanisms that can explain their high or low effectiveness, sustainability and legitimacy. The event will be a unique occasion for the development of the CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) book on citizen involvement on local sustainable energy policies.