ENLARGE is calling all stakeholders interested in participatory processes and sustainable energy policies (local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, business sector, etc.) to become “Supportive Partners” and engage in the project to benefit of the following opportunities:

  • submit your practices on participatory processes in the co-creation and co-management of sustainable energy policies and boost their visibility;
  • participate in the “Deliberative Event” in Milan in October 2017 (the participation in the deliberative event is conditioned to a selection process of the practices submitted). The event will bring together more than 100 representatives of local and regional authorities, civil society associations and the business sector;
  • develop with us a local dissemination event on participatory processes in energy policies: specific resources have been dedicated to this by the project;
  • join a wide network of local and regional authorities and civil society organisations with participatory practices on sustainable energy policies and benefit of the knowledge transfer;
  • test innovative tools provided by the CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) book on citizen involvement on local sustainable energy policies

The project ENLARGE is extending its circle by welcoming 12 new supporting partners:

  • Young Intellectuals, Hope, Albania
  • Strategic and Security Studies Group, Albania
  • Club “Sustainable Development Of Civil Society”, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Chios, Greece
  • Unione dei Comuni Montiferru, Italy
  • Associazione NordEstSudOvest, Italy
  • Agenda 21 Est Ticino, Italy
  • Municipality of la Palma de Condado, Spain
  • Zavot Boter, Slovenia
  • Universitat Jaume, Spain
  • K-GEM, Turkey
  • Nature’s Rights, United Kingdom

Join the partnership to make the most out of ENLARGE project!

Link to the list of supporting partners webpage