Swedish Environment Institut – Tallinn Centre hosted a dissemination event of the project ENLARGE at his premises in Tallinn, Estonia. Now that the gamebook is available, the event was yet another great opportunity to give voice to many actors who had been part of the previous phases of the project, bringing stories and experiences which were key for the development of the book.
Participants represented local and regional authorities from Estonia, and they were all particularly interested in the book, and contributed with sound suggestions to its improvement.
The debate was vivid and passionated, and touched a number of issues, from how to build trust, promote accountability, cope with the power of media, and finding effective ways of implementing participatory processes in our communities.

All participants expressed their strong wish to use soon the Estonian version of the book. Stay tuned for it, ENLARGE gamebook will soon be available online in English, French, Italian, Estonian, and Romanian!

See the photogallery of the event